Monday, March 21, 2011

Hello world

This blog aims to be a synthesis of materials that I will collect into a Ebook

0.  Introduction & Short life story
1.  ABD - Getting out
A.  Getting what you came for
B.  Surviving the sprint at the end of the marathon
C.  Preparing for post-graduate life
2.  I just got my PhD, Holy crap, now what?
A.  Where do you want to go today?
B.  The art of burning bridges, or how not to
C.  Relax and smell the roses
3.  Changing careers after a PhD
A.   Knowing when to get out
B.  A PhD is more than a piece of paper
C.  The art of switching careers
4.  Life tips in the post-grad school world
A.  Adjusting to normal life
B.  Counting your pennies - how to become financially independent
C.  Living the balanced life

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